Prefabricated Building

The Army Traders provide complete Prefabricated light constructions are mounted on the ready-prepared concrete floor. The greatest advantage of prefabricated buildings is being earthquake-resistant and light as they are steel constructions. The short manufacturing period, providing fast mounting and having the feature to dismount and mount over and over again increase the reasons of preference for these prefabricated structures. Prefabricated buildings are produced in required size and design. The structures can be one storey as they can be produced in two or three storeys. Product shipments are made with trucks, semi-trailer trucks, ships, freight containers, trains or cargo planes. There is no requirement for cranes in the loading and unloading of fibercement plated panel system structures. Crane is required for fibercement bolted type building and steel sheet panel system buildings. The materials are packaged proper to the international packaging and transportation rules for overseas productions. The prefabricated buildings can be delivered with electrical and sanitary installation, paint and window glasses included as they can be delivered without them.